7 Unique and Brainy Insights You Need To Know About Metabolism

You may already know a lot about metabolism, but I’m confident that this list will surely make you think of it in a different and brainy way. Many people already reached the deeper knowledge on how to lose weight and they are already pointing towards this very important body process.

Today I have prepared you 7 unique and surely brainy ideas that you might not know yet about the main topic of this article. Honestly, I planned to make this blog short but I can’t help but to put all the possible necessary information here. Now let’s start.

1.) You may program your own metabolic rate

Looks like there really is hope for those who are overweight that wants to reduce their excess body fats. Yes I do believe so, but in this method, you must understand carefully how metabolism works in your body. Let me give you a truly helpful example; when setting up your daily meals, many experts say that it’s better to divide your eating schedule on multiples like 5 to 6 parts with smaller portions of food each meal rather than the usual 3 big meals. In this way, we are sending signals to our brain that we will need the constant metabolic process throughout the day thus we avoid it on being idle. But as you see, we only allot smaller portions of food for each part to avoid overwork for the glands. It’s because we are avoiding the body systems to malfunction. Remember, that our body parts have their limitations too.

Almost the same procedure with exercise and workout. You may also program your own body to help you burn more calories at a specific schedule. If you manage to set atleast a 30 minute moderate exercise or workout a day, this will also condition the brain that you will need some extra energy to be used on exercise so the tendency is that the performance of your body systems will be stretched and will be programmed to constantly execute the more active metabolic rate.. Again, our body has limits so avoid overexercise or overworkout. Understand the signals of your body very well to avoid wrong procedures.

2. ) It is affected by your Emotions

It is like a battle of supremacy between Cortisol and Endorphines. So as much as possible, avoid or overcome stress with the best of your efforts. Because the negative effects of high cortisol levels affect many body functions including metabolism, causing it to mildly malfunction then going to more severe problems if it continues later on. While if you managed to maintain being always in a happy or positive mood, metabolism will always be at its effecient performance.

3.) Like a Building Blocks Player

I used this example for you to easily imagine the scenario. Because the metabolic system have two major processes. First is “Catabolism” where in the nutrients or digested food is being broken down into simpler forms or like the disassembling of compound pieces of Building blocks.

The second one is “Anabolism” wherein the simpler form of nutrients were being built back into energy, just like the reassembling of the pieces of blocks into a more desired or useful form. This particular insight will give you an edge on understanding the importance of the metabolism boosters and you may save lots of money too.

4.) Have their own Kryptonite

What I mean is even powerful and amazing body processors ( organs and glands ) have their own weakness. Just like the Comicbook superhero named Superman has kryptonite that disables his prowess.

The harmful chemicals from plastics and pesticides are some of the reasons why the metabolic initiators functions abnormally. In other cases, it leads to what others call hormonal imbalance or the presence of inadequate or too much amount of hormones that didn’t match the body’s needs. So its better that you always avoid drinking fluids from plastic containers specially when you are gaining much weight. Always wash fruits and vegetables diligently to make sure that the harmful chemicals are removed from its surface.

5.) Nuts are its close friends

There are already many suggested foods as boosters to this body process, but because our topic now focuses more about the connection of the brain to our metabolic rate, my best pick for today is “Nuts”.

Even if you are aiming to lose weight, you still need fats, but “good fats” to be specific. And nuts are good sources of this helpful substance. We have blood vessels and nerves that acts as channels of nutrients or energies, its necessary that the nutrients can easily pass through from one organ to another. And good fats are big help to this process.

6.) Captain Brain

As we sleep, we might not be aware that our brain is still at work, meaning active work. And that’s the reason why we need to have enough hours of sleep daily. Because by this healthy routine, we give our brain enough time to perform some important processes like leading the detoxification, body repair, body growth and metabolism. So maximizing the brain functions really will help a lot in losing weight.

7.) It Calls and Requests Everyday

We always misunderstood the messages or reactions of our body. Every time we are thirsty, we sometimes interpret it as hunger. Thus we eat more than the suggested amount of food.

And every time we are hungry, what do you think our body is asking for? If your answer is food, you are right but not exactly I think. Because I do believe that what our body id really asking for is “Nutrients”.

Have you ever noticed that just after we ate junk foods, our body craves for more or should I say is asking for more amounts of food that possess the right raw materials they need in order to produce the energy that the body will need. The problem with this scenario is that we cannot force our body to produce the quality energy and substances that the body needs from the wrong raw materials. That’s because our body is originally designed to consume and build products from real nutrients and not from artificial extenders nor chemical substances that is not suitable for regular consumption. So it shows that our body is not satisfied with the nutritional value of junk foods but it cannot express the idea to you with words but with hunger or cravings. It is really asking for the real raw materials for it to produce the energies and substances that are essential for your daily activities. Now at least you’d understand deeper the importance of fruits and vegetables in your diet. And if you succeed for a long time maintaining the ideal daily diet, you will surely appreciate the outcome because you finally applied the guidelines that would give you the desired result in your body figure.

I hope you’ve learned new ideas from this article and I still have some more ideas to share and I think it’s better to put them on other appropriate topics. Thanks for reading and I hope that you’ll continuously read and support my other blogs.

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