8 Serious Reasons Why You Should Stop Sugar Now (Part 1)

This article might save you and your loved ones. What if you discovered that some embraced knowledge that are taught to us were not true all along and presently destroying our well being and our community? And what’s worse is that we didn’t know the real cause of our stressful health problems for many years.

I noticed that I have many readers from USA, UK, Canada and Australia so I chose to make a blog about this topic first but truly this topic is for everyone who eats and drinks. And for those who do not know yet about this discovery, it will surely shock you.

One of the big questions that needs a serious answer is this; “Is Sugar really a Food or Not?”

Of course many will answer in their minds that “Yes it is”. But how come many recent health investigation results point out the facts to this ingredient as the major cause of different diseases like liver disease, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and of coarse, type 2 diabetes? Many said it’s because of fat but facts doesn’t show clearly that it is the reason. And was it really on the amount of the substance consumed that is to be blamed or the chemical composition of sugar itself? Looks like both of these factors contribute to the problem.

Before, my personal answer was yes, sugar is a food and people just consume so much that’s why they got sick.

But my answer was changed or evolved after I studied some realizations from Dr. Robert Lustig, an American Neuro Endocrinologist who was the author of “Fat Chance” and “The Hacking of the American Mind”.

For me, many of his statements really makes a lot of sense because the facts that he holds were undeniably related to some crucial questions that needs accurate answers. And he really nailed it when he emphasized that Processed Sugar is the real culprit of the Risen Obesity Rates and other Health menace in America.

As I was starting to build insights about this topic, I first researched about the Top health problems of America, Australia, Canada and UK and I found out that their most health problems are almost the same and I already had a suspicion that sugar is a big factor. And it was so, there are lots of confirmations that I encountered. So I prepared to discuss atleast eight bad effects of this ingredient to our body.

1.) Causes Addiction

“You got to solve this one asap before it’s too late.”

The eating of sugary products is so pleasing. It feels so good that it’s truly hard to resist. Even with just one glance on those colorful sweet stuffs, cravings lit up. Then health problems start to materialize.

Before, it’s like groping in the dark since we do not know where the problem comes from or what’s worse is that we do not know that there’s a problem at all.

That’s because of a simple idea that tricked so many. By simply establishing the idea that sugar is a healthy food, it’s like a voice that dictates the people to buy and consume it on a regular basis.

There’s a real danger if this ingredient is consumed regularly and that is; sugar has many ill effects like alcohol.

Alcoholic drinks are addictive and so is sugar. Sometimes you may think it’s just a craving because of the thinking that it’s real food but there’s a big chance that it is sugar addiction. You may discover it with some signs. If it’s like you’re losing control everytime you crave for it or if your desire to consume such sweets increases over time or if you already have lots of chocolates, candies, pastries and sodas in your refrigerator and food cabinet for the purpose of daily consumption, that’s a possible addiction. And that’s not good because it may lead to body malfunction specially to our mental state.

2. ) Causes Cavities

Now this one might be okay for you but will it still be alright if your kids suffer from this? Our mouth has a big amount of bacteria with the good ones and the bad ones. Everytime we eat foods with sugar, the bad ones thrive because they also eat sugar. After that they release acids as waste and such acids destroy our teeth.

Because of our deep trust to sugars, we became less cautious sometimes on allowing them to eat lots of candies, chocolates and sodas. We also sometimes do that to ourselves. But unfortunate things may happen like going to the point that our teeth or their teeth need to be extracted because of stubborn ache and so that cavities will not spread. If this experience is already uncomfortable to you, what more the other other bad effects of sugar?

3.) Causes Depression and Other Mental Disorders

It’s somehow alarming to see the cases of mental disorders increase thoughout the world. Surprisingly, it also has strong link to sugars. Aside from addiction, many other mental disorder may took place if we frequently intake such sweet stuffs.

Did you know that the condition of our brain is somehow affected by the condition of our gut? Just like our mouth, our gut has large communities of different microbes or bacteria with both good and bad ones. With our intake of sugars, the bad ones are fed and they overpower or destroy the good ones so your gut environment will have chemical imbalance. And such imbalance may result to Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disorder and other mental related issues.

The Good Bacteria in our Gut helps in the production of Serotonin which make our Brain stable and balance. So Sugar overload may lead us to unstable mood or worse mental state.

4.) Causes Type 2 Diabetes

If you think diabetes is a joke, well think again. It’s one of the diseases that you’ll not dream of having.

For the prevention of this physical dilemma, you’ll be able to appreciate Fiber more. Because Fiber is a Vital nutrient everytime we eat foods with carbohydrates. Coincidently, Fiber is absent on most Processed Sugars. One of the problem is the Fructose will always be turned into Fat if it directly encounters our Liver. But Fiber prevents it from happening.

So it’s wrong to blame Whole Fruits as the cause of diseases. Because Whole Fruits has Fiber on it. So even if the Fruits are sweet, it’s Balanced because of Fiber while when it comes to processed sugars, it becomes more dangerous in form because they already striped off the Fiber from it. in addition to that, the intake of sugar without Fiber will result to increase in Fat Deposits around our organs including the Pancreas and Liver. And thus, this will affect the process of converting glucose into energy.

We will further discover processed sugar as a health hazard as we read Number 5 to 8 so see you on Part 2 of this Topic. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “8 Serious Reasons Why You Should Stop Sugar Now (Part 1)

  1. SOme health professionals claim that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. That’s a sobering thought.
    Thank you for the follow. Wish you all the best with your journey


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